Welcome to Mileruntech 2.0

There has been the need of a further evolution.
The need to update ourselves looking at the new era.
As a new creation born out of destruction,
Mileruntech 2.0 is determined to ride on next generation’s possibilities.


From past to present
Mileruntech, founded in 2007, has contributed mainly to stage industry and show production, with products related to network communication technology for the last 12 years. In addition, while inspired by the magic of Total Show Control, we have also tried to refine show production control thanks to IT technology, namely Show Control Digital Solutions, using our own history as our own vision.
Technology never-ending evolution
Within 10 years, our business activities have gained a certain level of understanding and acknowledgement, and the various products and technologies we have handled have become fundamental commodity products, along with the rapid evolution of ICT technology. , It has become an era when further evolution is necessary to our own business style and strategy. The name we opted for, namely Mileruntech 2.0, purposely calls for an update of our reality, considering mainly our advent to this new generation of technologies and products.
          1 2.0 update of import agent business
          2 Involvement in lighting, video and audio mutual control technology
          3 Supply of techniques for technology art
Lighting control wireless and sensor wireless technology
As authorized distributor of LumenRadio (with wireless technology of DMX and DALI protocol), we apply wireless-technology-based control not only to lighting but also to sensor technology, by supporting their use and sustainability. We hope that this will help the various control infrastructures to enjoy and fully understand the benefits of wireless.
Video and total control technology
There is no day we do not look at show production as well as entertainment now. In addition to lighting control, as authorised official distributor of Modulo Pi, we provide a media server product that provides stability and can deal with high quality images such as steady 4K/HDR as well as remote control of related peripheral devices and images. We also provide integrated control solutions related to lighting and audio equipment products.
Technology Art and Show Design
By providing attractive technology art, thanks to IT and show-production-designed technology (synchronised lighting,video and audio equipment), and offering our best technical support, we are determined to contribute and create many other wonderful shows.
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