Mileruntech at Live Entertainment Expo 2019

Mileruntech was at Makuhari Messe last Friday to have a glance at the big and varied Live Entertainment Expo 2019! Not only we had the chance to see all the innovations within this wide business world (stage effects, lighting fixtures, advanced LED screens and so on) but Mileruntech actually gave its contribute to digital content setting at one booth. We are talking about Bridge Link’s booth who delighted the eyes of whoever was passing by with its three wide LED screens portraying several aspects of Japanese and Asian art, tradition and culture. As you can see in the photos below, all the contents have been playing in loop mode simultaneously thanks to *drum roll* Modulo Player! One Modulo Player 4K 3out has managed the whole show for the whole 3-day-expo by playing outstanding video quality content on both screens and projecting on a sphere-shaped screen, all through one single box! Please enjoy our photos featured here or check our “Showcase” section.


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