Creating inspiring scenes with digital technology



Our Vision

Providing the show industry with a wide range of show control products that are not available in other companies.

Our Philosophy

We are a company involved in show production, born behind the stage, in the background of the stage industry.
Mileruntech's philosophy entails our support from the mere technical aspect of the show production up to the delivery of the people watching, hungry for inspiration.

Why we do

We think that the job of show production has a great power that has the effect of bringing emotions and feelings of the viewer in and can give joy and happiness anytime. By specializing in the technology that underpins the show base as a whole, and applying this technology to various environments, we want to provide useful technologies and products to give many opportunities to Japanese industry and culture itself. It makes us both proud and happy to be able to deliver emotions by bringing in innovation to all the people in Japan.

Where we do

If you think about the word "Show" I am sure many images will come up to your mind. From performing arts on stage to the creation of experience-based effects by artists, and also, the attractions of theme parks, museums' exhibitions and so on are only some of them. The technology used within the world of show production is being used in various business sectors, all with one goal: making audience feel amused, inspired and emotionally entertained. Nevertheless, we are not only involved with stage and concerts, we also contribute to create beautiful interpretations of architectural lighting, illuminations and digital signage, along with control of AV equipment.
It is in fact core of our business philosophy the will of merging the different aspects of the show (video, lighting, audio) into one big experience and provide it to our customers.